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Official Forum Rules

Post by Unthinkable on Thu Nov 05, 2015 8:54 pm

Hello! These simple rules allow for a safe and mature community. Failure to comply will result in punishment, but hopefully, you have enough common sense to not break them. :)

Our community is an enviroment. Absolutely NO harrassing is allowed, in public OR in private.

Explicit Content
All content must be PG-13. NSFW images are not tolerated
 Links to pornography, drugs, or any illegal object is not permitted.

No double-posting. All comtent must be on-topic and mature. Memes, such as the repeated use of lennyfaces or the word kappa, are considered spam.

Discussion about cheating or hacking the game is against our rules.

Troll Posts and Screamers
Troll posts, if done only on occasion, are allowed in the pff-topic section ONLY. Screamers and malicious links are against our terms.

Advertising your product is against the rules. You may advertise forums and your own links in the signature of your profile.

Signatures may only contain small pictures and legibile text. Your signature will be removed if too large.

Alternate Accounts
Alternate accounts require my permission to create.

That is all. Thanks for making our community great!


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